Turnqey is an API SaaS company in crypto which allows users to link all their crypto wallets and exchange accounts into one place, which gives them a central hub for all their crypto trading/investing.

Deribit is the leading crypto options exchange globally. They currently have a ~95% market share of all crypto options, which is a market that’s in the very early innings of its existence.
Pollen is a decentralized 5G wireless network allowing anyone in the world to host cellular signal anywhere. Pollen network allows for anyone to use it directly from their smartphone through an e-sim, which is already available in most smartphones.
Peach was co-founded by Chainview’s own Michael Gants, and Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin and the former Head of Engineering at Coinbase. Peach will be a global mass consumer messaging app similar to WeChat, but with an embedded mobile crypto wallet that allows folks to send money seamlessly.

Scalyr is a customizable, actively managed index platform for crypto investors to create their own custom index products. Scalyr also offers hedge fund related products to utilize factor based models in conjunction with the indexes customers create.